Roadshow Grantee SEJA featured on WABE

WABE reporter Melissa Mecke interviewed our Roadshow Community Grantee the Southside Environmental Justice Alliance (SEJA) about their work to address their concerns with industrial pollution in South Fulton. Read and listen to the story here:

South Fulton neighbors partner to research, address environmental pollution – WABE

SEJA organizers stand on the side of a flooded road near several industrial sites in South Fulton. (Left to right: Drew DeMann, Yvonne Boone, James Boone, Barbara Boone and Brianna McGeehan.) (Matthew Pearson/WABE News)

From the story:

Fellow neighbor Drew DeMan says he feels like environmental and health concerns take a back seat to growing business both in local zoning decisions and in statewide regulation….

So, Boone, McGeehan, DeMan and several of their family members and neighbors created the Southside Environmental Justice Alliance, or SEJA, through the Shaheed DuBois Community Grant Program at Emory University to learn more and to advocate for their community.

Part of the brochure SEJA developed with Science for Georgia


After participating in the HERCULES Shaheed DuBois Planning Grant, SEJA partnered with Science for Georgia to apply for a grant from Emory’s CHARTER Center, which they used to gather publicly available data and develop a brochure to raise awareness of industrial pollution in their commnity. 

SEJA has entered the final phase of the HERCULES Community Grant Program – the Sustainability Grant – which they plan to use to engage community members and expand their membership, including distributing this brochure at community events and by canvassing.