The Exposome: Capturing the totality of environmental exposures across the lifetime to better understand the environment’s contribution to health and disease.

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Center Updates

Rick Woychik Seminar

Join us in the Rollins Auditorium on Friday, January 13th at 10:00 am for a seminar given by NIEHS & NTP Director Rick Woychik on “Looking to the Future of Environmental Health Sciences.”

Center Synergies: Environmental Epigenetics and Exposomics

We hope that you can join us on January 20th at noon for the inaugural seminar in our Center Synergies Series, which aims to highlight current research and promote future collaborations across NIEHS P30s.  Anke Huels (HERCULES) and Mike Cowley (NCSU/CHHE) will present on their research related to environmental epigenetics and exposomics. Lunch will be […]

Eri Saikawa and Rosario Hernandez featured on NIEHS Podcast

In this episode of NIEHS’s Podcast, Environmental Health Chat, HERCULES Investigator Eri Saikawa and Rosario Hernandez, Executive Director of Historic Westside Gardens, discuss their partnership that was initiated with a HERCULES Pilot Award. They work with residents living in Atlanta’s Westside community to test their soil for lead and other contaminants and raise awareness of […]

HERCULES Publication: Defining the Exposome Using Popular Education and Concept Mapping With Communities in Atlanta, Georgia

The exposome concept provides a framework to better incorporate the environment into the study of health and disease and has been defined by academics to encompass all lifetime exposures including toxicants, diet, and lifestyle choices. However, initial applications of the exposome concept have been less apt at measuring social determinants of health, focusing primarily on […]