High Resolution Metabolomics

Dean Jones, PhD, IHSFC Metabolomics Co-Lead
Xin Hu, PhD, IHSFC Metabolomics Co-Lead

Untargeted metabolomics is a standardized high-resolution protocol used to obtain a global view of metabolism and environmental exposures. The platform is suitable for use as a central reference for exposome research because of the expansive coverage (>20,000 chemical signals), including hundreds of known intermediary metabolites and a broad spectrum of environmental chemicals, food and microbiome-derived metabolites. High resolution metabolomics provides a central anchor for exposome research enabling generalized integration of multiple exposure metrics, measures of biologic response of an individual to exposures and metabolic changes consistent with disease pathophysiology to characterize environmental contributions to disease.

If you would like to request assistance from the Metabolomics Core, email Hillary Barton at hillary.barton@emory.edu.

What is metabolomics?