The HERCULES Pilot Project Program works to expand and integrate exposome-related research on campus through focusing on cutting-edge technologies, interdisciplinary collaboration among environmental health science investigators at Emory, development of junior investigators through funding and mentoring and the promotion of translational research in environmental health sciences. Funds are meant to help generate new preliminary data in order to compete for NIEHS R-level grants while also building strong interdisciplinary research teams.

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2020-2021 Pilot Awardees

  • Fragile X-associated Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (FXPOI): Elucidating Environmental Risk Factors
    • PI: Emily Allen, School of Medicine, Human Genetics
  • Metabolome-Epigenome Reprogramming in Metal-Induced Lung Developmental Dysfunction
    • PI: Xin Hu, Assistant Research Scientist, School of Medicine, Pulmonary
  • Long-Term Effects of Air Pollutant Mixtures on Cognition in the Emory Healthy Aging Study
    • PI: Anke Huels, School of Public Health, Epidemiology
  • Metabolomics Wide Association Study on Ambient Air Pollution Exposure in the Cancer Prevention Study-II Nutrition Cohort (CPSII-MWAS-AIR)
    • PI: Donghai Liang, School of Public Health, Environmental Health
  • Insecticide Exposure on Neurological Pathophysiologies in the Gut
    • PI: Timothy Sampson, School of Medicine, Physiology
  • A Big Data Approach to PM2.5 and Its Components and Alzheimer’s Disease
    • PI: Liuhua Shi, School of Public Health, Environmental Health
  • Lead Toxicity and Retained Bullets: A Longitudinal Pilot Study of Lead Levels after Firearm Injury
    • PI: Randi Smith, School of Medicine, Surgery