Memorable moments from Emory’s Exposome Summer Course

0061301-16ABChristopher Austin “Some scientific questions are so complex, large in scope, and/or multidisciplinary as to require a “big science” approach”

Thomas Hartung — “ The basic for making big sense from big data is good big data”

EXPOSOME course lecture

EXPOSOME course lecture






Eberhard Voit — “Exposome research is ‘physiology and medicine on steroids’; Any move toward personalization and prediction will require transition from averages to individuals”

John Wambaugh — “There are low levels of thousands of chemicals present in the metabolome, relating these to exposures and health effects is an important unsolved problem”






Michael Jerrett — “Limitations in all exposure assessment methods suggest need for balanced approach using external and internal measures; this approach will require much more unconventional collaboration (community, scientists, industries)”

Steve Rappaport — “Exposomic research via EWAS will find causes of disease and could dominate the next generation of etiologic research – This will require untargeted/semi-targeted omics to profile chemicals in appropriate biospecimens, combined with advanced bioinformatics”






Dean Jones — “High-resolution metabolomics workflows are established to serve as a central reference to sequence the human exposome and support development of precision medicine”

Chirag Patel —  “Analytic tools and big data infrastructure are required to associate exposome with phenome”

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