HERCULES funds Proctor Creek Collaborative Health Survey

The Proctor Creek Community Collaborative Health Survey was funded by the HERCULES Center in the spring of 2014. This pilot project is a strong example of academic and community collaboration. The team is made up of Emory University’s Andrea Winquist, ECO-Action, Community Improvement Association, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, English Avenue Neighborhood Association and other community partners.

Photograph from Christopher T. Martin, featured in Atlanta Magazine

The survey was conducted in the flood prone areas of Vine City and English Avenue neighborhoods in Atlanta, looking at indoor environmental conditions and potential related health outcomes. After the survey data is analyzed, findings will be distributed to the community along with educational materials related to the potential health effects of flooding and mold. After disseminating the findings, the team will facilitate developing action plans based on survey findings and input from the community. We hope this project will continue to build the foundation for further community-based participatory research in the English Avenue and Vine City area.

Data collection team

Results from this study were published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, available here.