GDEH Welcomes Four New Faculty Members

When Dr. Yang Liu was appointed Chair of the Gangarosa Department of Environmental Health (GDEH) in early 2021, he immediately engaged with the Departmental Faculty Search Committee to expand and strengthen the department by recruiting new faculty. The goal was to bring in talented researchers and educators who specialized in key environmental health issues, such as environmental epidemiology; environmental and occupational determinants of health; biomarkers; environmental justice; and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

These efforts have resulted in the hiring of four outstanding new faculty members: Drs. Stephanie Eick, Christine Ekenga, Parinya Panuwet, and Marlene Wolfe. “We are thrilled to welcome these talented young investigators to our department,” says Liu. “Having a diverse and productive faculty is key to our long-term goal of developing GDEH into one of the world’s best programs in environmental health research and teaching.”  Dr. Panuwet officially joined the department on July 1 and the three others will be joining GDEH in early September. Read the full story by Natalie Dionne.

We are pleased to welcome Drs. Eick, Ekenga, Panuwet, and Wolfe to the HERCULES Center. Stephanie Eick (pictured) was also partially recruited through the HERCULES Career Development Program and is our newest HERCULES-supported junior faculty member.