HERCULES Pilots Seminar Series

Event Date: Fridays at noon: 10/25, 11/22, 1/24, 2/25, 3/27

Past HERCULES pilot awardees will present on their research and next steps.

Friday, October 25, 12-12:50 pm, CNR 4001

Miriam Vos: “Pediatric Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Arsenic”

Young-Mi Go: “Mechanisms Underlying Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Pilot and Feasibility Study”

Friday, November 22, 12-12:50 pm, CNR 4001

Veronika Fedirko: “A Pilot High-Resolution Metabolomics Study of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma”

Yang Liu: “Developing Advanced PM2.5 Exposure Models in Lima, Peru”

Friday, January 24, 12-12:50 pm, CNR 2001

Eri Saikawa: “Community-Based Assessments of Soil Contamination and Childhood Exposure to Heavy Metals in Atlanta Urban Agriculture”

Stefanie Sarnat: “Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Health in the CHDWB Cohort (TRAPHIC Study)”

Tuesday, February 25, 12-12:50 pm, CNR 4001

Daniel Dilks: “Perinatal Secondhand Smoke Exposures and Infant Cognitive Neural Outcomes”

Qiang Zhang and Ya Wang: “Discovering Early-Warning Indicators for Carcinogenesis: A Pilot Study with Ionizing Radiation-Induced Oncogenic Transformation of Thyroid Epithelial Cells”

Friday, March 27, 12-12:50 pm, CNR 2001

Anna Ivanova: “Serum Lipidomics of Pregnant African American Women Exposed to Environmental Toxins”

Jeannie Rodriguez and Irene Yang: “The Metabolome of Passive Cigarette Exposure in Children”