The Natalia Casas Multicultural Mother’s Project

Phase 1: Exposome Roadshow Workshop

Latina residents of Norcross and Peachtree Corners in Gwinnett County came together with Emory HERCULES in November 2017 to share their health concerns, learn about the exposome, and identify a health priority. As a result, a group of residents committed to working together to address chronic stress in their community.

Phase 2: Planning Grant

Residents who came together in Phase 1 were awarded $1000 in January 2018 to develop an Action Plan to address the community need identified during the Roadshow:

Latina mothers in Gwinnett County’s Peachtree Corners/Norcross sector have identified a chronic overwhelming presence of stress that is interfering with their daily well-being.  Having a multi-cultural family center to address/mediate reactive and proactive measures for both elders and youth is the community’s direction of interest.

Phase 3: Action Grant

To put their plan into action, residents were awarded $2500 in May 2018.

Project Title: The Natalia Casas Multicultural Mother’s Project


Mission: To realize the economic value of multi-cultural knowledge within the sphere of food, health, and wellness which in turn will alleviate the economic displacement underlying Latina mothers’ chronic stress.

Project Goals:

  1. To garner interest within the community for support, engagement and partnerships for a multicultural center.
  2. To engage in meetings and presentations about health, cultural traditions, and stress management at a local center.
  3. To exercise cultural visibility of focused presentations in organized external settings.

Phase 4: Sustainability Grant

To sustain their efforts, the Natalia Casas Multicultural Mother’s Project was awarded $2500 in May 2019.

Project Title: Building Sustainability for the Natalia Casas Multicultural Mothers’ Project

Project Goals:

  • To structure stress-relieving activities offered to members once per month.
  • To increase the number of families/youth who attend local civic meetings and environmental health engagements.

Organizational Capacity Goals:

  • To attain the 501c(3) status for a member’s non-profit program to act as a fiscal spo­nsor and formalize a relation with our group.
  • To build knowledge of key team members by utilizing all spaces offered to our program by Emory Hercules for the Non-Profit training program.