Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality

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Organization Name Type of Service Offered Description of Services Offered Phone Web Page
Airnow Air Quality Reports / Educational Materials Gives daily air quality index to document which pollutants may be an issue on any given day.Explains what health problems can be associated with specific air pollutants. N/A Link
American Lung Association Educational Materials / Air Quality Reports Information on dangers of air pollutants, including ozone and particulate matter.Air quality reports searchable by state or by zip code. 800-LUNG-USA Link
Centers for Disease Control Educational Materials Tips for healthy homes for the following topics: drinking water, indoor air quality, emergencies and disasters, injury prevention, food safety, and poisoning prevention. 800-CDC-INFO Link
Clean Air Force Educational Materials Explanation of Georgia’s vehicle emissions testing, as well as tips on how to prepare for your testing and reduce wait times. 800-449-2471 Link
Environmental Protection Agency Educational Materials / Classes and Applied Learning Educational materials on asthma, mold, radon, smoke free homes, and general indoor air quality. Comprehensive guides on how to develop indoor air quality programs for schools. Offers action kits, connections with success stories in your area, and National Schools Network for other IAQ programs. N/A Link
Environmental Protection Agency Product Buying Guides Indoor airPLUS is a certification for homes that are designed to protect your family from indoor air pollution. N/A Link
Environmental Protection Agency Reports Explains general framework of how costs, benefits, and economic impacts will be measured by the EPA when addressing outdoor air quality issues. N/A Link
Environmental Protection Agency Educational Materials Information on six common outdoor air pollutants, air emission sources, trends, and monitoring information. N/A Link
Georgia Department of Public Health Reports Summary of current projects dealing with indoor air quality by the Georgia DPH, including smoke free homes and mold. N/A Link
Georgia Environmental Protection Division Educational Materials Guidelines on topics such as fish consumption, green growth, and toxics release inventory. 404-363-7000 Link
Georgia Department Of Community Affairs Educational Materials The Georgia Tenant Handbook listing rights as a renter and how to proceed with disputes. N/A Link
Green Law Educational Materials Information about clean air in Georgia, including current activism and policy. 404-659-3122 Link
Indoor Air Quality Association Classes and Trainings Classes and Trainings for topics including indoor environmentalists, microbial remediation, microbial investigator, mold remediation, and fundamentals of indoor air quality. 844-802-4103 Link
Indoor Air Quality Association Educational Materials Educational videos and materials for indoor air quality, specifically dealing with mold. 844-802-4103 Link
Mothers and Others for Clean Air Educational Materials Tips to protect you and your family, definitions of air pollution and its health effects, and health advisories on air pollution. 770-544-0508 Link
National Resource Defense Council Educational Materials Educational materials on air quality as well as NRDC efforts to reduce air pollution. 202-289-6868 Link