Environmental Health Apps

Our colleagues at the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health and their community partner WE ACT studied and reviewed hundreds of mobile applications and gave the following eight apps the highest rating. Use these apps for more information and tips on how to reduce your exposure to common toxicants in our environment.

Green Cleaning:

Nature’s Nurture

Natural health and green living tips.

Natural Goddess Homemade Green Beauty

Create your own beauty products, cleaning supplies, body care, hair care, skin care & pet care products. 
Tips to Lower Exposure to Common Chemicals:

Bright Nest

Provides home tips, including green cleaning. 

Detox Me

Created by scientists at Silent Spring Institute, Detox Me provides research-based tips to reduce your contact with toxic chemicals.
Shopping Guides for Food:

Smart Foods

A guide to which fruits and vegetables you should buy organic. Also provides farmer’s market listings and fruit and vegetable nutrition and prep information.


Provides advice for pregnant or nursing women, women that may become pregnant, and young children in regards to healthful seafood consumption. 
Shopping Guides for Consumer Products:

Good Guide

Search, browse or scan safe and healthy consumer product goods based on scientific ratings.

Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Living App

Ratings for more than 120,000 food and personal care products.
Emergency Preparedness:


Made by the American Red Cross, Emergency provides real-time local alerts for severe weather and hazards, including earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flood, tsunamis, winter storms, thunderstorms, extreme heat, and wildfire and many more.