Drinking Water, Lakes and Streams

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Organization Name Type of Service Offered Description of Services Offered Phone Web Page
Atlanta Watershed Air and Water Quality Reports Water quality reports by year for Atlanta. 404-546-0311 Link
Atlanta Watershed Reports List of ongoing projects by Neighborhood Planning Units to Improve Atlanta’s water quality. N/A Link
Centers for Disease Control Educational Materials Tips for healthy homes for the following topics: drinking water, indoor air quality, emergencies and disasters, injury prevention, food safety, and poisoning prevention 800-CDC-INFO Link
Clean Water Atlanta Reports Highlights and history of the five-point plan to improve Atlanta’s water quality. 404-529-9211 Link
Environmental Protection Agency Reports Bi-annual reports by the EPA on water quality in Georgia Lakes and Streams. Not focused on drinking water. N/A Link
Environmental Protection Agency Educational Materials Information about drinking water quality as well as a national safe drinking water hotline. N/A Link
Environmental Working Group Educational Materials Fish consumption calculator to determine safe levels given your age, gender, and heart disease status. N/A Link
Georgia Department of Public Health Educational Materials Resources for the healthy consumption of fish (in regards to mercury levels). 1-800-436-7442 Link
Georgia Environmental Protection Division Reports Reports on the fish eating guidelines, with reports of consumption restrictions by region. Also contains guide tailored to pregnant and nursing women on fish consumption. 1-800-436-7442 Link
Green Law Educational Materials Information about clean water in Georgia, including current activism and policy. N/A Link