Common Hazardous Products

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Organization Name Type of Service Offered Description of Services Offered Phone Web Page
Beyond Pesticides Educational Materials The least toxic way to deal with pests in homes and gardens, listed by pest type. Searchable gateway on pesticide hazards and safe pest management. 202-543-5450 Link
Environmental Protection Agency Educational Materials Explanation of Endocrine disruptors and active initiatives on the subject EPA. N/A Link
Environmental Working Group Reports Report on the “dirty dozen”, 12 common hormone altering chemicals and how to avoid them. N/A Link
Environmental Working Group Educational Materials Guide on which plastics to avoid to minimize leaching. N/A Link
National Public Radio Educational Materials Hormone like chemicals are found to be released in a variety of plastics, according to research. N/A Link
The Green Guide Product Buying Guides List of Green alternatives to products to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals. N/A Link