The Chapel Hill Community


Phase 1: Exposome Roadshow Workshop

Residents of the Chapel Hill community in Dekalb County are concerned about the environmental health impacts of their close proximity to Snapfinger Creek Water Treatment Plant, the Seminole landfill, and a defective industrial sewer line that has leaked toxins harmful to residents into the ground and air.

Residents, seeking to build an effective organization with a long term focus to address these issues, came together with Emory HERCULES in October and November 2019 to share their health concerns, learn about the exposome, and identify a health priority. As a result, a group of residents committed to working together to address toxic waste in their community.

Phase 2: Planning Grant

Residents who came together in Phase 1 were awarded $1000 in December 2019 to develop an Action Plan to address the community need identified during the Roadshow:

Toxic waste going through the Chapel Hill Community and the resulting bad smells that affect their quality of life and health.